Connie Dickison was born in Lee County Illinois in 1963. She wants everyone to have the chance to shine, to reach as far and as high as they want and reading should never be the barrier to their success.

As a child, Connie recognized sorrow in the faces of those who struggled to read or spell or write. It touched her deeply and compelled her to find a way to help and encourage others.

Connie has been a reading teacher for 25 years and trained in Reading Recovery in 1993. She has a Master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction Reading and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Connie says it is terribly sad to see someone who cannot read or even one that thinks they are not a reader. She believes reading is personal and no small matter.

Connie wrote Turn the Page…It’s Fun! to empower readers. This book represents a small, but important part of learning to read. She currently lives in Amboy Illinois with her husband and their pet dachshund, Oskar who is the inspiration for one of the characters in Turn the Page…It’s Fun!


There are many more concepts of print and Connie would love to write more stories on this topic. She says, “It is my honor to offer just a small contribution towards universal literacy.”